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Current of Darkness:

Desire and Deceit in the Gilded Age

“Unforgettable female leads power this stellar historical mystery” (BookLife Reviews) by Robert Brighton, told with “writing that is on par with the cunning of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” (Manhattan Book Review).

A swirling tale of industrial espionage, love, and betrayal, Current of Darkness follows aspiring sleuth Sarah Payne behind the sleek, honeymoon façade of Gilded Age Niagara Falls and into a shadowy demimonde of ruthless union bosses, saboteurs, and tycoons—including the powerful, handsome, and mysterious Charles Kendall, whose intentions toward Sarah are unclear.

Meanwhile, sultry widow Alicia Miller is set on taking charge of her murdered husband’s company—only to find herself pitted against the new majority owner, who has his own ideas about women in the world of men. But cunning and captivating Alicia has ideas, too—and will stop at nothing to come out on top.

Both women will have to find the courage and resourcefulness—and set aside their own simmering feud—to survive in this “winning story of action, sabotage, cutthroat business dealings, and women daring to be something new at the dawn of the American century” (BookLife Reviews).

“…A fantastic sense of balance to the mystery, romance, and historical intrigue, creating a rich tapestry of characters and settings that locks together beautifully and authentically“ (Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Seal).

A captivating, page-turning, and immersive tale of industrial espionage, love, and betrayal - set against the backdrop of the glittering Gilded Age. Current of Darkness will draw readers in, and hold them under, until its final, explosive pages.



The award-winning Avenging Angel Detective Agency Mysteries can be read in any order. If you've read The Unsealing or A Murder in Ashwood, you'll recognize some familiar faces, yet each book is a standalone story.



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The Phantom of Forest Lawn

October 2024 - Stay Tuned for the Cover Reveal!


”…an epic in miniature…” - Los Angeles Book Review


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The Buffalo Butcher

Jack the Ripper in the Electric City


Named BookLife Reviews Editor’s Pick

” . . . deftly blends the fascinations of the period setting with unpredictability, suspense, and horror . . . Brighton’s well-grounded, frank, and incisive prose shows the truth of sexual trafficking at the dawn of the twentieth century . . . at its core lies these women’s drives to save their dignity, and each other, to their last breath, in the name of love . . .”

Summer 1901, and the great Pan-American Exposition welcomes the world to Buffalo, New York—Queen of the Lakes. Eight million visitors throng the bustling boomtown—all of them looking for a good time.

As heat and swarming crowds choke the city, the bodies of prostitutes begin turning up, slashed and mutilated by a pitiless hand—their flesh carved with strange symbols.

Some say the killings are the work of the Devil himself. Others hint that the Whitechapel Murderer, Jack the Ripper, has crossed the Atlantic to resume his bloody career. Yet the city’s power brokers—afraid of any publicity that would harm the Exposition—turn a blind eye to the victims. They’re only whores, after all . . .

As the bloody summer wears on, only one thing is clear: it’ll be up to the working girls themselves to stop the carnage. And in The Buffalo Butcher, five of them will stand together to confront the killer . . . and to reclaim their humanity.

An important novel by Robert Brighton, acclaimed author of the Avenging Angel Detective Agency™ Mysteries.


The Unsealing Audiobook


You’ve loved The Unsealing (thank you!) and it’s now available by popular demand as an audiobook.  

If you haven’t been able to find enough quiet time to READ The Unsealing, as of today you can now LISTEN to it.

Several months ago—after quite a few requests for an audio format of the book—I went into the recording studio to read the whole novel, cover to cover, for your listening pleasure.

The AUDIOBOOK of The Unsealing is available to stream or download at all of the usual places: Apple Books, Audible,, Barnes & Noble,, Libby/Overdrive, Spotify, and many more not listed here (I don’t want to leave anyone out, but time and space are finite!).

Should you choose to favor me with your custom, I can promise you a good story competently read by its author.

On The Blog


It Was a Colorful World


We all grow accustomed to seeing the past (at least pre-1950) in black and white. I don’t mean this (only) metaphorically—I’m referring to the monochromatic and chiaroscuro tints of black-and-white photography. Of course we all know that the world of the past wasn’t black and white—it was as colorful as today is. And there is a marked difference in our emotional reaction to the somewhat cold images of black-and-white film than there is to the more ‘realistic’ images taken with color film. Black-and-white images seem somehow distant and very still, while color images seem immediate and brimming with life.


Drive It Like You Stole It


When I was in college, I worked summers at National Car Rental—cleaning up cars, changing oil, whatever needed doing. It was a great job, and taught me to be handy with tools and such. And it also taught me that people are hard—really hard—on rental cars. A friend of mine in those days told me that the car renter’s motto should be ‘drive it like you stole it’. ​It’s true of rental cars, and—yep, you guessed it—it’s true of life too.


The Unsealing Audiobook Launch - Interview with Robert Brighton


The Unsealing is now available as an Audiobook! Several months ago—after quite a few requests for an audio format of the book—I went into the recording studio to read the whole novel, cover to cover, for your listening pleasure. Today, it's now ready for you to listen at all of your favorite places to get audiobooks! Recently, I was interviewed about The Unsealing, and about the audiobook creation process. That interview is here on today's blog as a sneak preview. I hope that you enjoy it.