Current of Darkness

Haunted by her past, detective Sarah Payne immerses herself in a new case  . . . while a vengeful Alicia Miller seizes the reins of her murdered husband’s company . . .

A secret meeting in nearby Niagara Falls lures beautiful Sarah Payne undercover . . . behind the bright façade of the honeymoon playground and into a much darker place—the strange and perilous underworld of the booming electric power industry.

In this shadowy demimonde, a dangerous cabal of union bosses, saboteurs, and tycoons conspire to destroy handsome, enigmatic industrialist Charles Kendall—and will stop at nothing, including murder, to accomplish their ends. This high stakes game of industrial espionage threatens to pull Sarah into a riptide of duplicity, betrayal, and double-dealing . . . and silence her before she uncovers the truth.

Meanwhile, in fashionable Ashwood, sultry widow Alicia Miller seizes power at her murdered husband’s envelope company—only to find herself pitted against the new majority owner, who has his own ideas about women in business. But cunning and captivating Alicia has ideas, too . . . and is determined to see them through, even if it means bending—or breaking—a few rules along the way.

Both women will have to find the courage and resourcefulness to survive . . . and set aside their own simmering feud to find a way out—together.

Dive with them into the murky depths below the gleaming surface of the Gilded Age . . . in Robert Brighton’s Current of Darkness.

Early Praise for Current of Darkness


"... Author Robert Brighton has lovingly crafted a vibrant work of masterful storytelling and intricate plotting that kept me eagerly turning the pages … a fantastic sense of balance to the mystery, romance, and historical intrigue, creating a rich tapestry of characters and settings that locks together beautifully and authentically ... the vivid atmospheric lexis also gives readers a full-color glimpse into a bygone era of American history with fully immersive sights, sounds, and sensations, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next visit to the world of the Avenging Angel Detective Agency Mystery series ..."

- Readers' Favorite

5 Star Seal ★★★★★

" … stellar … a winning story of action, sabotage, cutthroat business dealings, and women daring to be something new at the dawn of the American century …"

- BookLife Reviews

" ... Sarah Payne ... deserves her place as an iconic figure in the realm of fictional female detectives ..." ★★★★★

- GoodReads Reviewer 

"... writing that is on par with the cunning of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ..."

- Manhattan Book Review

"... a novel full of passion, intrigue, and rich period detail ..." ★★★★★

- GoodReads Reviewer

"Brighton’s writing is nothing short of brilliant." ★★★★★

- Amazon Reviewer

"... the allure of a juicy daytime soap opera ..." ★★★★★

- Amazon Reviewer

“…The author makes the past come alive, drawing readers into the beauty and mystery of that era. His storytelling is so compelling that it’s hard to put the book down. I got completely absorbed in the story, finishing it in just three thrilling sessions…”

- Literary Titan ★★★★★

"... beautifully showcases the female pioneering spirit ..." ★★★★★

- GoodReads Reviewer

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Excerpted from Current of Darkness: Desire & Deceit in the Gilded Age

A Novel by Robert Brighton
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