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Meet the Characters from The Avenging Angel Detective Agency Mysteries!


May we present Arthur Pendle....


Dashing, intense Arthur is a promising young attorney – Ivy League educated, and best friends with the District Attorney.  Rumors fly, however, about this man of mystery, who rarely appears in court, and rarely visits his own law office – yet lives a lavish lifestyle suited to a man of unlimited means.  And just what is it that Arthur and Cassie are planning behind the closed doors of their opulent Ashwood home?


Stay tuned ... next is Sarah Payne...

Welcome to the

Avenging Angel Detective AgencyTM!

A heinous crime claims the life of someone near and dear to beautiful Sarah Payne, and when the powerful in the city of Buffalo close ranks to prevent justice from being done, Sarah takes matters into her own hands. 

In a series of novels set in the late Gilded Age, you'll follow Sarah and her other Avenging Angels as they tackle the cases that no one else will touch ... and become enmeshed in the loves, lusts, and secret intrigues of the fashionable but naughty Ashwood Set. 

Each Avenging Angel Detective Agency Mystery - while allowing you to build a long-term relationship with recurring characters - is an independent story that invites you to glimpse a facet of a glittering time long ago, one both strange and mysterious and yet eerily familiar ... while you’re invited to join the collection from the start, you can start anywhere and read these books in any order!