A Murder in Ashwood

Did you know that Amazon.com carries 33 million different books?  It’s true … and now there are 33,000,001.

That’s because now available for pre-order is A Murder in Ashwood, the second installment in the Avenging Angel Detective Agency™ Mysteries. This story is quite a wild ride, and I think you'll enjoy it. 



Although you do not need to read my books in order – each story stands on its own — Ashwood picks up where The Unsealing leaves off … with the botched investigation into Ed Miller’s brutal murder and the circuslike Police Court inquest (and public shaming of Alicia Miller).

But that’s where the stories diverge, and after a tense courtroom battle of wits between Alicia and the District Attorney’s minions (who are desperate to sweep the whole damn thing under the rug!), fledgling detective Sarah Payne resolves to seek justice for Ed another way … 

You're among the first to see Ashwood’s new cover!  Mark Summers, one of the world’s top scratchboard artists, signed on to do this beautiful image of Sarah Payne in a tense moment …

You're also the first to read the first page of Chapter One (below). I hope you’ll be sufficiently intrigued to want to read the whole story.  It’s quite a tale … complete with everything from cloak-and-dagger detective intrigue to bed-wrecking sex.

The book will ship on June 27 in a Collector’s Limited Edition hardcover – which is gorgeous – and an e-book. 

All editions are available HERE on Amazon, of course, and also at your favorite independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you shop for books.

I hope you’ll enjoy the story — and thank you again for all your support. Establishing oneself in a crowded field of 33 million books isn’t easy, but each of you has helped me do that.

Yours very sincerely,

Robert Brighton