The End of the Beginning

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, ‘this is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’

Now Mr. Churchill uttered his lapidary sentiment in a very serious context — the growing certainty of an Allied victory in World War II — but as he was a man whom I respect for his tenacity and his stunning linguistic skills, I hope he won’t mind my borrowing his quote today.

Every new author dreams (or, more accurately, fantasizes) about the day when his first book appears in print, and for me today is that day.  The Unsealing is live and will very soon be in the hands of the many people (I am amazed by how many — who knew?) who preordered a copy!  Wow!

Thus today marks the end of the beginning for the Avenging Angel Detective Agency™ Mysteries.  Four years of research, writing, and all the myriad details of publication and distribution (believe me, the writing was the easy part) led me here.  But it is by no means the end.  Ahead in the series are at least four more books — three of them already written.  The second book, A Murder in Ashwood, will be published on May 23rd of this year.

Yet it’s not as big a personal victory for me as it is a team win.  As I like to say, I don’t write books, I write manuscripts — it takes quite literally dozens of talented people to turn my work into something that people can read and enjoy.  My incredible editor.  A dream team of artists, designers, printers, distributors, bookstores, and the Big Guns — and Barnes & Noble … the list does go on.  So I wish to thank them all.

And I want to thank each and every one of you.  You know who you are — you who have supported me in so many ways — from an encouraging word to the purchase of a book.  And most of all, without the unwavering support and tireless efforts of my incredible wife, Laura, this day would simply not be possible.

I will see you on the other slope of this first mountain.  Until then, I hope you will enjoy The Unsealing.